The Art of the MixTape



The mixtape- is there any better medium to show the world who you are and what you want to say?


Before you could carry your entire musical library with you (the dark ages, I know), catering to your musical needs had to be anticipated, thoughtfully prepared, and lovingly created. For road trips, daily commutes, and parties you had to mull over your collection, curating the mix that would provide the perfect mood, transitions and all, for the late night drive, the morning workout, or the Sunday BBQ.  More challenging still was getting the timing just right. Who among us old-schoolers didn’t have a few select go-to songs under 2 minutes so that we wouldn’t waste a single minute of listenable tape?


And of course, the mixtape served another very important purpose – courtship. I used to make them for my girlfriends to show how smooth and knowledgeable about cool indie music I was. Mixtapes were the perfect way to convey to someone how you feel without stumbling through finding the words to say it. After all, as the saying goes, “Where words fail, music speaks.”


I wonder how the changes in the way we consume music has changed this age old art. It certainly is convenient to make playlists and carry them with you at all times, ever-prepared for that drive or that get-together, but do people still make mixes for one another? Do they make mix CDs to give (increasingly becoming obsolete as well)? Do they email zip files of playlists?


Perhaps this is the perfect union of old and new? What do you think?

A Mixtape/USB drive

A Mixtape/USB drive

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